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Man måste kämpa

Performative act  in collaboration with a local resident


What kind of knowledge is it that in the body reveals the difference between what we do and what we say we do? Is it objectivity, power, truth?

It is said: Knowledge is a combined and collective act: Who kind of knowledges is important? Who is allowed to speak? What can you talk about?

Is the fight pleasure or suffering? If we were forced to choose one virtue, what is the most important : to fight, to remember , to learn?

Is the passion for the truth a knowledge way? A kind of healer? An imcofortable habit?

What role does it play in the construction of the heterotopia of the bodies and in the relationship between them?

The death march.

December 1718 :Sweden planned an attack on Norway from Jämtland towards Trondheim. The retreat  to Sweden is known as ”The death march”

More than 10.000 soldiers marsched and relatively few people died in combat. At the end of December 1719, the sweden King Charles XII was injured. 

The project exterminated 40% of the male population of Jämtland.

Thanks to Martina Sturmhoefel!

Photo: H. J. Alvarez/H. J. Alvarez jr.


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