During the pauses of the Mediating Artifacts, I allow my own process to manifest in the form of free works and I observe its development. With each creation, the body exercises its ability to reflect on what is observed, remembered, witnessed, thought, experienced, valued. and desired. It is possible that the momentum generated by organizing it artistically can lead to a flow.





Textile interventions


”Abouth the world and the enviroment” 2022

Pieces of cloth populated with stereotyped figures with their singularities, body language, relevance, attitude, as well as in the real world. The figures appear alone and in relation to each other, some are active, others passive. They are in dialogue with each other and with me.  The dialogues will disappear as the work progresses and a reflective voice will be in charge of directing the orientation of the work. each figure described with the help of fabrics, textures, colors, shapes, thickness of the thread, stitch pattern, internal arguments, all deliberately chosen and deliberately forgotten. The unconscious projections are manifested in the different tensions, lengths, disorder, symmetries, missing points and stitch distances, different rhythms, compositions and forgetfulness. But even every ”lapse” (1) (the skin of the finger pierced several times by the needle, the pain, the fear) contribute to the cooperation between the artifact (the work) and the body. What is part of each life both internally and externally is potentially significant, the difference is how, when and why we process it to become  

  (1) Lapse:a brief or temporary failure of concentration, memory, or judgement.


Posters och Collage

Photoproject 2017-2022

Photoproject 2016

Photoproject 2008 – 2015



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